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OldSchool is a small but friendly guild led by our ''1stHero'' guild leader. Even though OldSchool is small we are all very active and friendly maplers, we are looking forward for more members and expanding the guild, our own zak and guild outings. The best part is that OldSchool members are always willing to help other members in need. Come and join the fun!

Why Join OldSchool?

To act like an extended buddy list of course!We hope to provide a place where you can just hang out with your fellow member, while providing some income from the various events hosted by me and hopefully the members of this guild.

Some In-Game Rules For OldSchool

1. No begging or whining. If you want something, get it yourself, or buy it.

2. No scamming or KSing. Like we say in Temple, What is hateful to you, do not do to others.

3. No excessive cursing. I consider myself pretty lenient on this kind of stuff. I understand if you need to throw one around here and there, but if you drop the F-bomb every sentence, then we have a problem. I know there are plenty of kids, 8~12, so keep it clean.

4. If you do get into an argument, do it in whisper. We don't need to know your problems.

5.Respect All members no matter what ranks

6.Participate in forum posting, u may post screenshots or interesting guild pictures

7.When any guild member needs help, help in anyway you can.

8.We are not bullies but we will not be bullied


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Personal Message

We Don't Beg For People To Join Or Invite Them Anyhow...
I Let Player Have Their Free Will To Join

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2 thumbs up.. very well written
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