Donation Needed Please Read!

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Donation Needed Please Read!

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 05, 2010 10:52 pm

Bad NEWS : Hi to all Magical-Players our old dedi we have been scam from nick and im really sorry everyOne .... Server won't be up till we get more donation needed.

Good NEWS : Our new Source is fully update and 100% done . It is still v.75 But we have NEW MOUNT + MAP + Weapon ITS REALLY TANK i Will post 3 screen shot for u to see =]

u like that? i know u do wink wink Very Happy

Good and bad news : Donation needed is $500 For only First month setup and other sutff all togetther so far we only need $400 more so please help us donate so we can put our server back up Also i will keep a track of people who donated and will be rewarded new item stuff like mount and new item w/e u want..

so if u want to donate please click on this LINK and donate thanks you


IF the link doesn't work them please donate to my email on paypal



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