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Post  Dezhi on Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:53 pm

Real Name : Carter Bussion

IGN: Michael Bussion

Age: 86

Why you guys should choose me: I have a boner and i heard Magical MS loves Boners

how long do you play : I play 15 inches a day and 6 hours a day

TimeZone: Nesha 5984

How many MS servers you have been a GM in (Name them and if you do not have any experience, then say so):i played 56 years of maple and ive been GM in GUIDMSE.TK and AlbaniaMS

How do you catch/approach a hacker, and what would your actions be?: I ask them How big is there Dick and if its bigger then my friends then he can go home

Why do you want to be a GM for Magical-MS : cause im gey and i love people


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