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Post  ItzaaM3Mari0 on Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:48 am

Dexless. Every server. Dexless. Ima explain why by naming why low-dex and dex are ghey and dexless is better. [ based on this server ]
Dexless: "FASTER" on the maple skanda. Thats the 1st highest and best (dexless) claw possible to actually get. Night craven is followed by that but is not really possible to get in most ps's. Lets compare and NOT look at the atk for the claws for a sec. Slow on the craven. You use ur little claw booster. Meduim throwing. FASTER on skanda. you use your claw booster. FASTEST. so its a 4x differences. now lets look at the atk here. craven is 2x 60 = 120.
Skanda is 5 x 45 = 225. PWNED

Low-dex: Now these ppl just fit their dex to use their claws. Why dexless are better: by the time you scroll your nice craven its about what. 57 atk? Now luk is about 10 per 1atk for these people. Luk for dexless is 7 for 1 atk. So lets calcuate. 45 atk skanda scrolled. You got 4 dex they have about 90. They're both the same in atk, except the dexless skanda is "faster" and the craven is "slow" 4x different in speed. so thats like 200atk for the skanda. compared to 65atk for the craven.

Dex: Your dumb. Luk is main for thieves, dont be adding dex for fun.

Now in most Low-rate Private servers the best way is to get a robe. Buy a pac or gacha one. try getting the extras like facestompers...4 of those nx medals that give 1+ every stat. Scrolls for your robe ( talking about 60%'s STRICLY here ) basically, armor is scarce to get and to buy, you can add 70 dex for a armor that has 7 luk in it already and 12 slots, another reason for not being low-dex or dex. Basically just get other items and scroll em with luk or something.

In this server... you 1 hour at himes with your mesos up. you got 100m ( with pet ) So its pretty good. Skandas scrolled Greatly is about 300-600m. Dayos 50-200m. Cravens 100-200m. So if you cant grind on mesos for atleast 5 hours..go low-dex and gtfo out of this tut f3.

1-20 HHG
21-31 Boars at perion
32 - 40 teddy bears
41-50 Make a party and go to the ludi pq place and train on those mice.
51-60 Forest of golem OR **Ghost ship 2**
61-70 Ghost ship or hoodoos/voodoos
71-80 Wolf spidas / Hoodos
80-90 Wolf spidas/ gobies
90 - 100 Himes / gobies
101-120 Headless / himes / big foot.
121-200 Well...since your Dexless your basically rich. Since most ppl will pick you as a zakum and u can sell those zakums for 200m... So basically for
121-130 HH Bigfoot skeles
131-140 Pap, zakum HH Bigfoot skeles
141-150 BPQ, Pap zakum Bigfoot
151-170 Zakum , BPQ, Crow, Bigfoot
180-200 Zakum BPQ bigfoot...whatever bosses that give large amounts of exp.


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