TriperSin's Ban Appeal

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TriperSin's Ban Appeal Empty TriperSin's Ban Appeal

Post  keanguan on Sat Dec 26, 2009 1:28 pm

IGN: (In-game name.) : TriperSin

REASON FOR BEING BANNED: (don't answer, i don't know or there was no reason.) : Lying to gm and scamming

DATE OF BAN: (atleast try to remember) : 12 - 26

WHY SHOULD WE UNBAN YOU?: First , I was not lying To Gm Because I am Really Cannot Loot The Item and The Pet Was Dried Up.Yes , i am scamming My friend who call crazy, i also tell him sorry and I wish to Play This server Again. This server are more Special Server. I really like this server and Hope I can Play Again.Thank you for reading my ban appeal.


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